Values and vision

Mission statement, values and vision

Mission statement

Recser Oy operate as a producer organisation for batteries and accumulators referred to in the Waste Act and is responsible for taking care of the recycling and promoting of recycling of portable batteries and accumulators on behalf of their contract producers in accordance with the law, safely, cost-effectively and so that taking care of one’s producer responsibility through them is profitable and easy for a producer.

  • Responsibility
    • We account for our actions to the owners, producers as well as other stakeholder groups
    • We provide the recycling services safely, cost-effectively and in a manner that burdens the environment as little as possible
    • We comply with the current legislation and regulations of the authorities in all our operations
  • Equality
    • We treat all our producers equally and impartially
    • We see to it that costs are distributed equally and fairly between producers
  • Expertise
    • We constantly develop ourselves as professionals within the recycling and waste management industry and develop collecting systems, transportation logistics and recycling together with our partners
    • We exploit the best technology, innovations and know-how that economically possible
  • Openness and transparency of operations
    • We always communicate openly and clearly
    • Our recycling fee pricing is transparent

Recser Oy provides recycling services so professionally, safely and cost-effectively that seeing to one’s producer responsibility obligations through them is genuinely the best choice for producers when it comes to time management, expenditure as well as reputation.