Now, Recser Oy has also been approved as a producer organisation conforming to the new Waste Act

On 16 Jan 2015, the Pirkanmaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (Pirkanmaa ELY Centre) has approved Recser Oy as a producer organisation for portable batteries and accumulators conforming to the new Waste Act (646/2011). Based on Section 152 of the Waste Act, all producer organisations approved during the revoked waste act had to file a new application for approval for the producer register within a year of the entry into force of the new waste act.

Recser Oy is a non-profit producer organisation, with which businesses producing portable batteries and accumulators can manage their statutory producer responsibility conforming to the waste act of 2008 by concluding a producer liability transfer agreement. The producer liability aims to promote the separate collection and recycling of used batteries and accumulators by obliging parties introducing batteries and accumulators on the market, that is, their manufacturers or importers, to be responsible for arranging for the waste management.

In addition to the producers, stores selling batteries and accumulators are obliged to participate in promoting battery recycling by accepting decommissioned portable batteries and accumulators from end users at their points of sale. For the end users of the batteries and accumulators, producer responsibility means that they can return a decommissioned battery or small accumulator free of charge and without obligation to buy a new product at any store selling them. With the producer responsibility, the separate collection level of portable batteries and accumulators has already reached the level required by EU legislation.

Producer organisations approved for the producer register can easily be checked in the list maintained by the Pirkanmaa ELY Centre. All producers who have an agreement with Recser Oy are listed on Recser Oy’s website.