Registering as a producer

Registering as a producer

Businesses that place portable batteries or accumulators on the Finnish market may manage their producer liability for portable batteries and accumulators through Recser Oy by concluding a producer liability transfer agreement.

Please note: Producer liability for electrical and electronic equipment and producer liability for batteries and accumulators are entirely separate, and a membership in a WEEE producer organisation does not exempt a business from managing its producer liability for batteries and accumulators. Registration as a producer of batteries and accumulators must be carried out separately in an organisation for producers of batteries and accumulators.

Transfer agreement of producer liability

An agreement template for the transfer of producer liability can be downloaded from the below link. Two original copies of the completed agreement are sent to Recser Oy. Recser Oy will return one copy signed by Recser Oy to the producer.

Template producer responsibility transfer agreement

More information about registration and fees

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