Producer responsibility

Producer responsibility

As from the entry into force on 26 September 2008 of producer responsibility concerning batteries and accumulators, the cost of organising the waste management of batteries and accumulators is transferred to the businesses that place the products in question on the Finnish market. The legislation prescribes the scope of liability and expenses falling under the liability of the producers. The scope of application of the battery directive is wide. In principle it is applied to all batteries and accumulators irrespective of their shape, volume, weight, composition and purpose of use, and to all corresponding used batteries and accumulators. In addition it is applied to electrical and electronic equipment, to vehicles and partly also to batteries and accumulators included in other products.

Producer responsibilities include e.g.:

  • building the collection systems and networks
  • organising transport for batteries and accumulators discarded as waste taking into account the environmental impacts
  • appropriate sorting and recycling of batteries and accumulators applying best possible technology.

In these arrangements all the laws regulating the operation must be taken into account:

  • hazardous waste legislation
  • transport legislation of hazardous waste
  • requirements on collection and transport equipment
  • requirements on processing systems.

Producer's obligation pertains to products put on the market by the producer himself and to a share, deemed reasonable considering the quantity or market share of products put on the market, of all corresponding products put on the market irrespective of the time of putting the products on the market (25.4.2008/277).

For batteries and accumulators the collection network is exceptionally wide. In practice all distributors accept discarded batteries and accumulators.

Allocation of expenses

Producer liability is a statutory obligation The only way to allocate the expenses in such a manner that every producer pays his own share is a joint system in which the expenses are proportioned to the market share in different fractions. The larger the number of producers shouldering their own responsibility, the smaller the expense for each one of them.