The law prescribes that all businesses placing batteries and accumulators on the Finnish market register as producers of batteries and accumulators and fulfil their obligations prescribed in the law as regards recycling of batteries and accumulators.

     A producer of batteries and accumulators may carry out the registration and fulfil other producer responsibility obligations through Recser Oy. Recser Oy is a limited liability company, so the producer businesses will not become members of Recser but instead conclude a producer responsibility transfer agreement with Recser Oy. Recser Oy also records the producers concluding the agreement in the file of the supervisory authority, so a separate registration with the authority is not needed.

Recser Oy manages the producer liability with regard to portable batteries and accumulators. Portable batteries are defined as batteries or battery units that are closed and can be carried by hand and that are not industrial or vehicle batteries (Decree 520/2014, 2 §).

Is your business under producer responsibility with regard to portable batteries and accumulators?

A producer of batteries ans accumulators is a natural or legal person established in Finland who professionally places batteries and accumulators, including batteries and accumulators included in electric or electronic devices or vehicles, on the market in Finland for the first time regardless of the method of sale (Decree 520/2014, 2 §).

The national authority is the Pirkanmaa ELY Centre, read more from their websites.

Surely you, as a responsible business, will not leave waste management expenses for other businesses to pay?